It’s time to SHOWCASE our efforts.  What are we doing here in IA that is:

  • Innovative
  • Student-Centered
  • Research-Based
  • Using Universal Constructs
  • Integrating Technology
  • Helping All Students Learn
  • Creating Better Teachers
Please take the time to share with us to help build a database   We need as many people and districts as possible so we can organize our thinking.  Onward, Iowa.   The time is now as we try to build this system together.
” I asked you to help us build it.” –Jason Glass (7/24/2011,  Twitter feed)

2 Responses to “#IAEdFuture”

  1.   Patrick Hogan Says:

    My name’s Patrick Hogan and I’m a reporter for SourceMedia Group in Cedar Rapids. Our company owns KCRG and The Gazette, but we recently started a new project called TransformED (http://transformed.com) specifically to report on and call attention to innovative education practices.

    Long story short: I’d definitely be interested in hearing about the results you get from your database as well.

  2.   Cathy Molumby, Supt Says:

    Mr. Hogan,
    This is an exciting time in Iowa education…and global connectivity with a rewed emphasis on the power of LEARNING!
    Valley Community School District in NE Iowa is piloting a new program this fall. (We are thinking BIG and starting small.) Our school board has approved our V-ii Center (Visionary-innovation incubator). To initiate the program, we have 7 Valley students (currently–with options for area high school students to participate eventually) in the initial stages of creating their “Individual Learning Network (ILN),” made up of their parent/guardian, one or more high school teachers (at Valley and other area high schools), a post-secondary advocate (Upper Iowa, U of I, UNI, ISU, NICC, Kirkwood, or others), and business mentor (one or more in each student’s learning area in an area of passion…whatever it may be–from culinary arts, wind energy, engineering, VR, music, etc.). Each student’s ILN will assist the student in creating a learning program that is student-centered, problem-based, and project-based with real-world authentic instruction. The curriculum will be “customized” for each student. The ILN will meet approximately weekly face-to-face and/or virtually to monitor and provide support for the student’s journey in learning and will be part of the ‘assessment/evaluation’ critique points throughout the learning program. As the superintendent of our district, I will be directly facilitating this learning experience along with five teachers (currently at Valley) through part-time traditional and part-time flexible scheduling. I already have had two of the students contact me with ideas for getting started NOW…they can’t wait to start in this engaging, rigorous, and relevant learning! We will be in our 2nd year of our 1:1 laptop program and in our 3rd year having VR (Virtual Reality) programing as part of the Valley learning experiences! Both programs support the opportunities for 24-7 learning and expanded, rigorous learning experiences in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The V-ii will require students to integrate and apply 21st Century Skills and possibly support the economic development within our region through entrepreneurial incubator opportunities. During this initial year, students at Upper Iowa University (one of our V-ii partners) in teacher preparatory courses and the business and marketing programs will have opportunities for authentic learning in the processes and entrepreneurial endeavors through the V-ii Center.
    We have the momentum and just like the V-ii student, I can’t wait to see our progress in three months!


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